Welcome: The Gallery consists of some of my favorite pieces. These are all available for purchase, framed or unframed and are printed on The IRIS 3047 (Intense Resolution Imaging System). The IRIS, is a state-of -the-art digital color printer capable of producing high-resolution color, and black and white prints of unsurpassed quality and accuracy suitable for museum or gallery exhibitions. A unique continuous-tone technology creates a print by "giclee" (pronounced zhee-clay; literally a "spray of ink") in which the IRIS transfers ink at a rate of 4 million, 15 micron droplets per second. This results in a print of exceptional depth and saturation of color, as well as detail.

The colors and dimensions of the matting and framing, have also been carefully selected to accent the artwork and make you the envy of all your friends!!

*Back of each framed piece comes personalized and titled.

Clicking on an image will enlarge the view and provide you with dimensions.