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Featured Art: PLACEBO

Placebo was born of indifference, apathy, addiction, the desire to be someone else and somewhere else.  These are indeed fertile grounds for artistic exploration.  Grounds that have been mined again and again by artists throughout time. For this particular piece however, the difference for me was the desire to never fully succumb to the impulses of self-destruction and complete self-immolation.  For me, Placebo is an attempt to convey that frustration while "winking" at the absurdities and banality of everyday life. In it, there seems to be a certain sense of lightheartedness amidst what appears to be confusion and isolation. Much like life I suppose. Or at least, much like my life when the original idea made it’s way from my pen to the page of a notebook meant for some random college course (many of my favorite images have begun this same way). Placebo basically began to draw itself as the first lines of ink hit paper. One image quickly became another, then with a rotation of the page, those two images became the whole of another completely self-sustaining subject.  Shapes became faces and faces became forms. Building on this construct, I continued to illustrate from all four sides until, for some reason, I felt it was complete.
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